October 7

On Saturday, October 7th, during Simhat Torah, Hamas together with other terrorist groups from the Gaza Strip launched an indiscriminate barrage of over 5,000 rockets into Israel.

During this initial assault, via drones, they simultaneously destroyed all Sentry Tech outposts, essential for identifying and countering threats from the Gaza Strip, effectively incapacitating IDF surveillance capabilities.

The terrorists then breached the border wall at several locations and infiltrated Israel using motorcycles and trucks with mounted machine guns, as well as boats and paragliders.

What followed were scenes of horrors beyond human comprehension.

The Nova Festival

During Simchat Torah, the Nova Music Festival near Kibbutz Re'im was a vibrant gathering, attracting over 3,000 attendees to celebrate peace, love, and unity.

The festival site was designed for enjoyment and interaction, boasting three stages, a camping zone, and an area with a bar and food. Attendees, coming from all across the country, were drawn by the festival's ethos of "friends, love, and infinite freedom".

This place, meant to be the purest form of advocacy for peace and love, in this day, turned into a living nightmare.

The terrorists came armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, tactical gear, sniper rifles, RPGs, explosives, and incendiary materials.

Setting vehicles ablaze, they effectively blocked access and escape routes, showcasing a calculated approach to their assault.

The following videos show terrorists on a road near the Nova party, taking hostages and setting cars on fire.

They livestreamed their crimes

People started noticing very graphic content streamed live on Facebook and Tiktok.

The terrorists were so proud of what they were doing they couldn't resist sharing it with the world.

In one instance, a Hamas terrorist live-streamed the murder of Thai workers on Facebook, continuing to shoot their bodies for sport even after they were already dead.

Documenting Terror

It truly seems as if the terrorists who stormed into Israel were intent on documenting every moment and every crime they committed, making the widespread denial of their actions all the more absurd.

In this sample of videos, we can see Hamas terrorists together with "ordinary Gazans" capturing the following moments:

  • Terrorists open fire on the family pet, killing him, before setting the house on fire. The next video shows another house burning.
  • A row of cars is shown completely charred. The footage shifts to capture other vehicles and homes still engulfed in flames, before centering on the lifeless bodies of four Israeli civilians.
  • A distressing video shows the abduction of multiple families, parents and children alike, loaded onto the back of a pickup truck. Amid the chaos, a mother is seen tightly embracing her frightened daughter.
  • The final video shows the kidnapping of Raz Ben Ami, seen in her pajamas and made to walk barefoot by armed captors. Her husband has been abducted as well and remains a hostage in Gaza.

Zikim Beach

A harrowing massacre at a beach offers a fragmented yet comprehensive view of the tragedy from its onset to its devastating aftermath.

Initial panic is captured by beachgoers as terrorists approach. CCTV footage shows the attackers opening fire, leading to a desperate rush for cover.

In the scramble, many seek refuge in the toilets. A video from inside captures the fear of those trapped, including a soldier, amidst the sound of gunfire.

The aftermath, documented by both the terrorists and Israeli rescuers, reveals the extent of the devastation, with bodies and blood scattered all around. Among the scenes, a heartbreaking moment captures a couple embracing even in death.

Road Side Shelters

Israel, in response to the threat of indiscriminate rocket fire from Hamas, has constructed bomb shelters throughout the country, especially in areas like the Gaza envelope, to safeguard its citizens.

Childhood friends Aner Shapira and Hersh Goldberg-Polin went to the Nova festival together. When terrorists opened fire, they tried to escape, only to realize they were encircled by terrorists on the road. Seeking safety, they, along with about 25 other people, sought refuge in a nearby bomb shelter.

As terrorists targeted the shelter, Aner courageously threw back all incoming grenades, saving the lives of at least 7 people. Sadly, this act of bravery cost him his life when a grenade exploded in his hands.

The terrorists also are seen apparently firing a rocket-propelled grenade at the structure while spraying it with bullets and also throwing hand grenades. As they do so, Shapira tosses at least seven of the unexploded grenades back at them as they run for cover, the video shows.
New York Post
Hersh was severely injured, losing his hand, and was subsequently taken hostage, leaving his fate uncertain.

Tragically, on that day, several bomb shelters, intended as refuges, transformed into lethal traps, much like the one Aner and Hersh sought refuge in.

The horror captured in Noam Cohen's videos reveals a scene straight from a nightmare: body parts scattered across the floor, walls smeared with blood, and people in a state of shock and panic, clutching their amputated limbs in agony.


On October 7th, we witnessed Hamas's utter disregard for human life. Individuals attempting to flee were mercilessly shot down by Hamas before they could find safety. Those captured by Hamas were systematically executed in cold blood.

At the cities and kibbutzim:

  • Partygoers attempting to escape the terror at the Nova Festival sought refuge in Re'im, only to be relentlessly pursued. In a harrowing moment, one girl, cornered and pleading for her life, the terrorist towers over her, after a few seconds, she is executed with a single shot to the head.
  • Four civilians are seen being violently abducted by terrorists, and a subsequent video shows the hostages laying motionless on the ground. They were all shot in the head.
  • Two videos from the same CCTV camera show a brutal sequence of events: in the first, a man trying to escape from terrorists is gunned down; in the next, he is seen lying in a pool of his own blood. Following this, the terrorists fire an RPG at a safe room, before dragging out a woman and smashing her skull open.
  • A family attempts to flee from terrorists who have invaded their home. In the video, the children and mother successfully escape toward the roof. Tragically, the terrorists shoot the father before he can reach safety. His limp body is seen falling through the window.

At the road:

  • Two videos show from different angles the killing of an abducted woman who tried to run away from her captors.
  • A dashcam video shows multiple Hamas terrorists opening fire on the driver. After the driver succumbs to his wounds, the car crashes.

At the Nova Festival:

  • A car dashcam captures the moment one of the abducted partygoers jumps from the back of the truck and tries to run away, only to be recaptured and executed with a single shot to the head. Another terrorist then sprays his body with bullets.
  • A dashcam captures the moment a worker is led to the side of the road, where a terrorist places a gun to the back of his head and fires a single fatal shot.
  • A GoPro belonging to a terrorist captures the moment the terrorists notice a jeep full of party-goers forced to stop from afar and run toward it. Two party-goers are seen running for their lives; their fate is unknown. Two others, probably too wounded to run, try to hide under the jeep and are executed at close range.

At the military bases:

  • Two videos capture the murder of multiple unarmed surveillance observers, still in their pajamas, seeking shelter under a table. The terrorists open fire on the group; one girl is heard whimpering in pain before being shot again, after which the whimpering stops.

The Glee

Hamas's brutality was not only evident through their actions but also through their cheers and excitement when committing crimes against humanity. Their blatant disregard for human life was further highlighted by their celebratory behavior amidst acts of violence, showcasing a chilling enthusiasm for their deeds.

In all of the following videos, Hamas members are heard cheering at the sight of the dead bodies of Israeli women.

Abused Corpses

In many instances, Hamas's actions went beyond mere execution; victims were often subjected to torture before their murder.

Frequently, the bodies were then displayed or handed over to mobs of Gazans for further desecration, treating these acts of violence as a form of spectacle.

We are left to guess which abuses were done before and which after death.

  • A decaying corpse is shown with hands still tied behind its back, so decomposed that the hands have fused together.
  • On the floor, a son with an amputated foot lies beside his mother, who is on the bed, fatally shot in the head.
  • An individual was found with his eyes removed and fatally shot multiple times in the chest, leaving us to guess whether the removal of his eyes took place before or after his death.
  • The already desecreted body of an Israeli senior is seen abused by a crowd of Gazan civilians.
  • The corpse of a woman from the Nova festival, riddled with bullet wounds—any of which would have been fatal—suggests her body was fired at after death, seemingly for sport.

Numerous abused bodies have also been subjected to burning, sometimes with uncertainty surrounding whether the victims were deceased or alive at the time of the burning.

  • A body, visibly scorched by fire, is still found bound with a hose pipe.
  • A father's severely abused body is discovered next to his baby's crib, with his hands and genitals swollen. Blackened material around his mouth suggests he suffocated to death.
  • A man's body, with exposed genitals, displays a gunshot wound to the face and significant charring. The position in which his body was discovered indicating of extreme agony suggests that he was burned alive before being shot in the face.
  • Another man is seen with his shirt drenched in blood, parts of his face severely burned.
  • A man was found stripped to his underwears, with his hands bound behind his back and his legs severely burned. The positioning of his legs, elevated as though in motion, suggests he tried to escape the flames, indicating he was burnt alive.

Killing elderly

Young or old, for Hamas it didn't matter.

In the attacks, Hamas showed no mercy, targeting even the elderly.

A group of elders was massacred at a bus stop, while others met their end within the supposed safety of their homes.


In the Hamas-led attack, Hamas committed heinous acts of barbarism, including beheadings, a form of brutality notoriously associated with ISIS.

Hamas's ISIS-like brutality spared no one, including children; they too were subjected to torture and beheadings.

These gruesome photos capture the aftermath involving a 12-year-old girl.

The involvement of UNWRA

UNRWA's connection to Hamas has become increasingly evident, with numerous reports and investigations highlighting how the agency's staff and resources in Gaza are intertwined with the terrorist organization.

Intelligence estimates shared with the U.S. conclude that around 1,200 of Unrwa’s roughly 12,000 employees in Gaza have links to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and about half have close relatives who belong to the Islamist militant groups.

In this video, Faisal Ali Mussalem al-Naami, an UNRWA social worker, is captured in surveillance footage from October 7th abducting the body of Yonatan Samerano, an Israeli murdered by Hamas.

A UNRWA worker kidnapped my son's body. How can a social worker for an organization that claims to promote good in this world do something so cruel and inhumane? How can the UN pay this man who dragged my son’s limp body on the ground, and then picked him as if he was a trophy back to Gaza?
Ayelet Samerano, Jerusalem Post

To this day, the UN Security Council has not voted on a resolution that condemns Hamas for its October 7 attack or recognized it as a terrorist organization.

Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, formerly worked for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

Personal Tragedies

So far, you've seen the widespread violence of October 7th through various lenses. I want to shift the focus now to the individual stories of loss, survival, and resilience. This segment zeroes in on the personal experiences of those directly affected, offering a glimpse into the human impact of that tragic day.

Shani Louk

One of the first videos that emerged from the Hamas-led massacre showed a semi-naked body with her broken legs spread, thrown on a pickup truck, surrounded by armed terrorists. Encircling the truck, cheering Gazans were seen spitting on her mutilated corpse.

The parents of Shani saw the video and that is how they found out about their daughter's kidnapping into Gaza.

Weeks later, findings on the ground gave evidence that Shani was already murdered by the time her body was thrown on to the pick up truck.

The knowledge that while Shani was on that same stretcher of the terrorists in Gaza, she was no longer among the living, gave us solace.
Shani's aunt Orly, Ynet

Elyakim family

Another instance of Hamas utilizing social media to livestream their acts of terrorism.

Hamas militants stormed their home while the family sought refuge in a safe room. Shooting through the door, they wounded the father, Noam, in the leg. Under duress, Noam was compelled to open the door, the aftermath was recorded by the terrorists.

The footage shows Noam bleeding heavily sitted next to his daughters, Ela and Dafna, his girlfriend Dikla, and her son Tomer.

Tomer, aged 17, was coerced at gunpoint to lure neighbors out of their shelters.

The terrorists then executed Noam, Dikla, and Tomer and abducted Dafna and Ela to Gaza.

After 51 days in captivity, Dafna and Ela were released in exchange for six convicted terrorists.

Prior to their release, their mother, Maayan Zin, penned an op-ed in The Washington Post criticizing the global wave of support for Hamas, despite widespread witness to their atrocities.

Thousands of miles away from here, strangers scream into the sky for more violence, another intifada, another war to push us into the sea. The posters of my girls are torn down, their dignity as victims denied.
Maayan Zin, The Washington Post

Idan family

Adjacent to the Elaykims birthday decorations from Maayan's 18th birthday still hung in the air as the family rushed to a safe room for shelter. In a desperate effort to protect her family by holding the Safe room door shut with her Father, Maayan was shot and critically wounded. The terrorists then forcibly removed her family from the room, leaving Maayan's body visible on the floor to her family as they were led away. This traumatic event was broadcast live for over 26 minutes, capturing the terror of the family.

They're screaming 'we don't shoot', and then they shot. Tsachi yelled 'who's been hit, who's been hit?' And it was Maayan.
Gali Idan, bbc

Yael, Maayan's 11-year-old sister, in a state of shock, noticed the blood on her father Tsachi's hands, not fully grasping the magnitude of what had happened. "Why are your hands covered in blood?" she asked, Tsachi, overwhelmed by shock and grief, could not find the words to explain. Shachar, the 9-year-old brother, cried out in confusion and fear, asking about Maayan and what the terrorists wanted.

As they were forced to step past Maayan, Gali, the mother, tried to shield her younger children from the sight, telling them not to look. The demand from the terrorists, spoken in broken English, "Tell Netanyahu don’t shoot or we will kill you"

“Kill?!” Yael exclaims. Shachar starts crying harder. “Please no. No kill.”

Tsachi, his hands still covered in his murdered daughter’s blood, was told to get up. His hands were cuffed behind his back with a cable tie as his children pleaded with the terrorists not to take or kill their father. "I love you, don't be a hero, be smart. Take care of yourself, and come back to me in one piece,” Gali screamed as the terrorists dragged Tsachi away.

Tsachi is still held hostage in Gaza.

Kedem Siman Tov Family

Initially, upon hearing rocket sirens, the family sought refuge in their home's shelter in Nir Oz, a kibbutz near Gaza. They informed relatives and friends they were safe, with Tamar texting, “Hi guys, we got into the shelter in our house, we are all going OK.”

However, the situation rapidly deteriorated when Hamas militants set their house on fire. In a desperate attempt to escape the flames, the family left the shelter. Yonatan (Johnny) Kedem Siman Tov sent harrowing texts to his sister in their final moments: “They’re here. They’re burning us. We’re suffocating.”

As they tried to flee, the militants gunned down the entire family, including Tov, his wife Tamar, their three young children—6-year-old twins Shahar and Arbel, 4-year-old son Omer—and Tov's mother, Carol Siman Tov, 70.

An entire family was killed by evil murderers who shot the children and parents simply because they were Jewish. And this is just one story, among so many. It’s unbearable.
New York Post

Noa Argamani

Consider the case of Noa Argamani who went to the Nova party with her boyfriend Avinatan Or.

Noa was forcefully separated from Avinatan and abducted into Gaza on a motorcycle, screaming, "Don't kill me! No, no, no!"”

Noa and Avinatan are still held captive in Gaza.

I am terminally ill with stage 4 brain cancer,” she wrote him in a letter. “All that's running through my mind before I part ways with my family forever is the chance to hug my daughter, my only child, one last time.
New York Post

Hamas has featured Noa in multiple propaganda videos that are clearly designed as psychological warfare. One such sick video disturbingly invites viewers to guess the fate of her and two other captives, aiming to unsettle and terrorize all of us hoping for the safe return of all hostages.

The Bibas family

Parents Shiri and Yarden, 4-year-old Ariel, and 9-month-old Kfir, the youngest hostage taken, were abducted from their home in Kibbutz Nir Oz..

Yarden's last message during the attack, sent to his sister, reflected his deep concern for his family's safety as terrorists stormed the kibbutz. Released footage showed a frightened Shiri tightly wrapping her children in a blanket, with Yarden, injured and bloodied, being led away by armed militants.

When countless people around the world watched the footage of armed terrorists abducting two little redheaded boys and their mother on October 7th, we were naive enough to believe it would be just a matter of days until the world's outrage would be so great, the pressure so severe, that Hamas would surely release my nephews.
Ofri Bibas Levy, CNN

Adding to the family's tragedy, Shiri's parents, José Luis (Yossi) Silberman and Margit Shnaider Silberman, were confirmed dead on October 21st.

Hamas has used Yarden in propaganda videos and posters, a deliberate strategy designed to inflict psychological torment and attempt to halt Israeli retaliatory attacks.

Joshua Mollel

A 21-year-old intern from Tanzania working in Israel, tragically fell victim to a mob of Gazans.

They first stabbed him in the chest, then horrifically sprayed his face with gunfire.

Their cruelty did not end with his death. They further desecrated his body before dragging his mutilated remains back to Gaza.

'We can't eat or sleep — when I go to the market people ask me why I'm losing so much weight,' said his father weeks after the attack.
Daily Mail

Mila Cohen

The October 7 attack on Kibbutz Be’eri deeply affected the Cohen family, claiming the lives of three generations. Ohad Cohen, 43, and his 9-month-old daughter Mila were killed, with Mila shot while in her mother Sandra's arms.

for nine months, everyone enjoyed the family harmony that Mila created around her… until that cursed Saturday.
Times of Israel

In the immediate aftermath, before Sandra could even begin to mourn the loss of her baby daughter, she was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists.

It was in captivity that Sandra encountered Adi Efrat. Together, they endured 12 hours of fear and uncertainty. Amidst this ordeal, Sandra shared with Adi the heart-wrenching loss of Mila, a moment of shared grief and helplessness.

‘They shot my husband and Mila’. I say: ‘I’m so sorry to hear that. Who’s Mila?’ She says: ‘She’s my baby.’ I say to her that maybe she’s not dead. Maybe she’s only wounded. She says: ‘No. They shot her in the head.’
Adi Efrat, The Telegraph

During the attack, Mila's grandmother, Yona, 73, was also killed in her home. The family later held a joint funeral for Ohad, Mila, and Yona, laying them to rest side by side.

The Swissa family

In their desperate escape from terrorists infiltrating Sderot, Dolev, Odaya, and their two daughters encountered a van full of terrorists. As they tried to flee, they were quickly hemmed in by additional terrorists from another direction, compelling the family to leave their vehicle behind.

It was at this moment, with Dolev still clutching his daughter, that the terrorists unleashed a barrage of gunfire. Instinctively, Dolev dropped to the ground, using his body as a shield to protect his daughter from the bullets.

The terrified girl, encouraged by her dying father, ran back to her mother, Odaya. They hurried back into their car, however, Odaya, paralyzed by shock from the harrowing events, was unable to start the car.

It was then that Amer Abu Sabila, a Bedouin who had observed the unfolding tragedy, stepped forward with extraordinary courage. He took the place of Dolev in the driver's seat, ready to drive the family to what he hoped would be safety.

Believing the Sderot police station to be a safe destination, Amer drove the family there. Tragically, the terrorists had already seized control of the station. The terrorists opened fire on the car, killing Amer and injuring Odaya. A terrorist then approach the vehicle and executed Odaya with a single shot to the head.

Miraculously, the girls survived by hiding on the backseat floor. Their rescue was captured on a police body cam.

“A young couple whose lives were cut short during a war just because of their geographical closeness to the Gaza Strip, and the unbelievable ease with which terrorists infiltrated their home,” wrote Blum. “An incredible couple who left two young and pure girls behind, orphaned.”
Times of Israel

Giving clarity

I didn't want to make this website; making it has been the most traumatizing experience I have ever had. Each piece of information was harder to contain than the previous one, and it took me weeks to collect and present the footage, testimonies, and sources used here.

I created this website because the voices of Hamas mouthpieces are so loud on social media that I felt compelled to expose their echo chamber of lies, especially in the face of growing denial about the events of October 7th.

I hope that with the information presented here, even the blue-haired, woke students at Ivy League colleges will burn their favorite watermelon T-shirts after they are confronted with the harsh reality of what Hamas truly stands for and its objectives on October 7: to kill as many people as possible, regardless of age or sex, and commit atrocities that would paralyze the nation in terror, incorporating a level of cruelty and sadism akin to that of ISIS.

The Propaganda machine

After Hamas launched it's genocidal terror attack against Israel, a conspiracy theory blaming the IDF for the majority of civilian casualties on October 7th was pushed by Hamas supporters.

The claim was baseless and ironic from the start, considering that criticism within Israel has primarily focused on the IDF's delayed response, which left civilians to fend for themselves for hours.

Nevertheless, the early spread of false claims was quickly amplified by individuals like Max Blumenthal and Bassem Yousef, who, through their deliberate dissemination of falsehoods, lent unwarranted credibility to these claims, showcasing a concerted effort to mislead with a barrage of deliberate misinformation.

Since all his Israeli sources completely contradict the narrative he wanted to paint, he resorts to manipulations. Blumenthal omits almost the entirety of his sources – everything related to the war crimes committed by Hamas terrorists. He focuses on a few sentences in the articles he cites, usually taking them out of context and sometimes blatantly deleting words to change the meaning.

As this narrative gained traction, Hamas adopted it as their official stance, despite extensive footage that clearly disputes these claims. The videos show Hamas militants deliberately targeting civilians, providing irrefutable evidence that contradicts the narrative Hamas and its supporters are promoting.

The entire point of this narrative is to portray Hamas as anything other than an antisemitic Islamic death cult that has no regard for human life, be it Palestinian or Israeli.

The protests

The chants heard at virtually all Pro-Palestinian rallies, including "Ceasefire Now" alongside slogans like "Globalize the Intifada," "There is only one solution," and "We don't want 2 states, we want all of '48," are not just hypocritical—they present a glaring contradiction that undermines any pretense of seeking peace from the outset. These slogans, especially the call to "Globalize the Intifada," recall a dark period in Israeli history.

The Intifada was characterized by a surge in suicide bombings and other forms of terrorism, resulting in the deaths of over 1,300 Israelis.

The impact of this period on Israeli society is pervasive: for Israeli adults, the second intifada is remembered as a period of pervasive fear for their children after dropping them off at school, never knowing whether their child’s school was the target of a suicide bomber when they heard warning of attacks through the media.
Washington Institute

Advocating for an end to violence while simultaneously glorifying a bloody and traumatic chapter in history reveals a profound disconnect in the logic of these protests.

This raises the question: Are they Pro-Palestinian or are they Pro-Terrorism and Pro-Hamas?

"Resistance is justified," so what qualifies as resistance in light of the atrocities committed by Hamas on the 7th of October? Do rape, beheading, and burning alive families constitute a form of resistance? Does executing party-goers count as a form of resistance?


It seems that on social media, in response to any Israeli official post about events that took place on October 7 or since, Hamas supporters will parrot the phrase "40 beheaded babies." This claim, which was never originally made by Israeli officials, likely stemmed from a mistranslation of "children" to "babies" by I24News, combined with a conflation of two facts: more than 40 children were killed in the attack, and some of them were beheaded.

The attempt to downplay the terrorists' brutality by emphasizing that they didn't behead 40 babies is, quite frankly, perplexing, as if this detail could somehow redeem their actions. In reality, their acts on October 7th, reminiscent of ISIS's brutality, reveal their true nature.

This continues a long-standing trend where Hamas supporters view their "Freedom Fighters" through a lens that can only perceives virtuous conduct, in a bizarre and almost comical manner. For example, they might say, "A terrorist killed a woman's father and sister before abducting her into Gaza, but he gave her a lovely Arabic name—what a model citizen." The mental gymnastics performed by Hamas supporters to justify or downplay the group's actions are truly astonishing.

This example, shockingly, is based on real events involving the hostage Agam Goldstein-Almog. It illustrates the lengths to which Hamas supporters will go to rationalize or diminish the group's heinous actions, showcasing an astonishing level of cognitive dissonance.

I was with my mother, my protector, who did everything she could to keep me alive while we were in Hamas’s captivity. Together with my two young brothers, aged nine and eleven, the four of us had been taken from our home in Kibbutz Kfar Aza on the morning of October 7, but not before terrorists shot my father, Nadav, point blank, and afterward went after my older sister, Yam, the bullet tearing through her face.
Agam Goldstein-Almog, The Free Press

Social Media

In the digital arena, the imbalance of global voices becomes profoundly apparent.

Given the direct impact of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Jews and Muslims are likely to experience a heightened emotional investment in the issue, surpassing that of the broader global community.

There are only 16 million Jews worldwide, probably not even enough to get a hashtag trending.

This group is contrasted with the much larger global Muslim population of 1.8 billion with a significant portion of this population that, influenced by geopolitical stances, does not recognize Israel's right to exist.

This demographic disparity significantly complicates efforts to counter misinformation, as the sheer volume of voices expressing opposing views can overshadow attempts to present factual narratives.

Adding to this, October 7 deniers employ a particularly insidious tactic: they spread claims that cannot be directly refuted because the evidence is too graphic to be presented on social media.

Adir Tahar

For instance, consider the tragic story of Sgt. Adir Tahar, who fell in battle defending his outpost, he was then beheaded by Hamas, and his head was taken into Gaza and offered for sale for $10k.

After Adir fell, we were able to understand that the barbaric terrorists defiled Adir’s body. They tore his head off as they opened fire with their AK-47s at his neck and shoulders. And from there, they took his head and put it into a bag, which they took back with them to Gaza.
David Tahar, The Jerusalem Post

People were quick to dismiss this story as propaganda, even though videos of both his headless body and severed head were shown in multiple videos taken by terrorists.

Sadly, sharing evidence of his beheading and further taking his head back to Gaza as a trophy on social media was impossible due to the extremely graphic nature of the content.

Platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter would block any account that attempted to post it.

"There is a list"

Another story that has been spun by what can only be described as an extreme display of hive-mind-like behavior centers around a field interview with the IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari inside the Al Rantisi Hospital. This occurred while facts on the ground were still being investigated, as clearly mentioned multiple times throughout.

During the interview, Hagari referred to what appears to be a calendar on the wall, marked with the days that have passed as a list and incorrectly identified the days of the week as signatures of terrorists.

Hagari revealed a makeshift area in the basement, seemingly set up hastily as an improvised facility. He also pointed to a paper sheet on the wall that appeared to be a schedule for Hamas operatives assigned to guard the hostages.

Even though Hagari emphasized multiple times that information was still being processed and investigated, and it's obvious that he provided his own interpretation of the findings, it seems this mistake was enough to disregard all the very damning evidence presented during the field interview.

Critics have notably overlooked key details presented in the video, such as a makeshift ventilation system, improvised toilets, baby diapers, women's clothes, and a chair with a rope attached to one of its legs.

Furthermore, the title of the calendar, which just happened to be 'Battle of Al Aqsa Flood,' and its start date on the 7th of October, marking the days since, were completely ignored.

So who should you trust?

While pro-Hamas supporters are quick to dismiss any claim made by the IDF, it's probably a good time to remind everyone who the other side is.

Despite undeniable evidence to the contrary, Hamas leadership denies beheading children, and even killing civilians.

We categorically affirm the falsehood of the fabricated allegations promoted by some Western media outlets, which unprofessionally adopt the Zionist narrative full of lies and slander against our Palestinian people and their resistance, the latest of which was the claim of killing children, beheading them, and targeting civilians,
Anadolu Ajansı

Hamas has repeatedly made these statements. Saying women, children and civilians were never targeted on the 7th of October.

A senior Hamas leader, Moussa Abu Marzouk, refused to acknowledge the group's involvement in the killing of civilians in Israel. Instead, he claimed that their attacks only targeted conscripted soldiers, exempting women, children, and civilians. The claim contradicts the substantial video evidence showing Hamas members shooting unarmed adults and children.
Daily Express

Probably the most surprising case involves the unexpected release of a hostage who had been announced by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as having died from Israeli bombardment.

Hannah Katzir was one of 13 Israeli hostages returned to Israel from Hamas on Friday evening. The only surprise: She had been reported dead earlier this week, having allegedly died due to an Israel Air Force airstrike while being held by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
The jerusalem Post

Despite this, many people and even reputable news outlets continue to echo Hamas's claims as soon as they are made. It's somewhat bewildering to observe the readiness with which the statements of a recognized genocidal terror organization are accepted and disseminated.

Al Ahli Hostpital Incident

The explosion at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City on 17 October 2023, which resulted in significant casualties was a very good example for how Hamas operates.

There is a consensus among intelligence agencies from Israel, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Independent investigations by reputable news organizations and respected international bodies that a misfired rocket from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) was likely the cause of the explosion, pointing to the improbability of an Israeli airstrike being the cause.

Regardless Hamas was quick to blame Israel for the incident, with the allegations making headlines all over the world.

The evidence, including video analysis, eyewitness reports, and the examination of the explosion site, strongly indicates that the tragic incident was the result of a rocket launched from within Gaza that malfunctioned. This aligns with a pattern of previous misfires by Palestinian militant groups, which have occasionally resulted in unintended casualties and damage within Gaza.

In addition, in the Al-Ahli hospital incident, we also saw in realtime how Hamas inflates casualty numbers during this war to cause public outrage.

The Gaza health ministry said at least 471 people had been killed in the strike and more than 300 wounded, some in critical condition. But the US intelligence community has estimated there were likely 100 to 300 people killed in the strike, and a senior European intelligence source told AFP he believed the death toll was 50 at most.

This isn't unique to the Al Ahli Hospital, Hamas consistently employs a strategy of hastily accusing Israel of various incidents, aiming to incite international outrage. This approach, part of a broader campaign to delegitimize Israel's response, relies on spreading unverified claims with the hope that they will gain traction and spark global condemnation. Despite being repeatedly discredited through thorough investigations, Hamas persists in this tactic, exploiting it almost daily to manipulate public opinion and international discourse against Israel.

It's also important to note that from the very onset of Israel's response to the Hamas terror attacks, Hamas has labeled these actions as "genocide."

Hamas called for Israel to be held “accountable for the genocide it has been committing for the eleventh day in a row in an already blockaded area”.
The Guardian

Moral equivalence

One tactic frequently used by Hamas supporters is attempting to whitewash Hamas's crimes by creating a false moral equivalency between the two sides.

A prime example of this tactic in action was seen during the hostage-for-prisoners exchange on November 22, 2023.

Hamas supporters attempted to equate Palestinian criminals imprisoned in Israeli jails with civilians, ranging in age from 9 months to 86 years old, some of whom witnessed the death of their loved ones before being violently abducted into Gaza.

In the exchange, Israel released three terrorists for every innocent hostage, with Amelia Aloni, a 5-year-old girl taken along with her mother into Gaza, being exchanged for the likes of Fatma Amarma, who attempted to stab a police officer in Jerusalem, and Israa Riad Jabes, involved in a failed suicide bombing.

She was sentenced to 11 years in prison after a gas cylinder she was carrying exploded at a police checkpoint, injuring a police officer.
The Telegraph

In the deal, Israel agreed to release up to 300 terrorists. Let's examine a few of them:

Prisoner Details

Affiliation: None
Name: Amar Mahmoud Younes Taavata
ID: 420795619
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Charge: Threw Molotov Cocktails, believed to have planned to commit shooting attack toward Oz Tower.
There is a clear distinction: The Palestinians held in Israeli jails made an active choice to commit a crime, while the only “crime” committed by the Israeli and other foreign hostages was that they were Jewish or were in Israel.

It was also very disheartening to see that this attempt to whitewash Hamas's taking of hostages was also being done by prominent outlets, such as The New York Times, Reuters, AP, and CNN.

In order to achieve that distorted equation between innocent women and children who were abducted from their homes and prisoners who have been charged with acts of violence or terror, media have used three parallel strategies: Sanitizing the Palestinian prisoners, referring to the Israeli hostages as “prisoners” and creating textual and visual symmetry regarding the joyful family reunions of each side.

For people who actually watched the reunions the differences couldn't have been more stark.

While Israeli children were reunited with their families in heartwarming scenes that couldn't leave a dry eye:

Palestinian prisoners were greeted by rallies of armed militias draped in Hamas flags, engaging in genocidal chants. These gatherings not only praised Hamas's actions but also saw participants donning Hamas headbands, showing their allegiance to the terrorist organization.

Demonizing Israel

In another recent example, after Israel conducted an extremely successful operation in the Al Shifa Hospital, once again proving Hamas's cynical use of protected facilities for terrorism.

Troops of the 401st and Shayetet 13 under the command of the 162nd Division continued fighting in the area while avoiding harming civilians, patients, medical teams, and medical equipment, the IDF added. The fighters arrested some 480 terrorists affiliated with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
The Jerusalem Post

Because the operation was so successful, Al Jazeera resorted to propagating a blood libel, attempting to accuse Israeli soldiers of the very atrocities that Hamas fighters committed on October 7th. This effort was a clear attempt to construct a false moral equivalency between the two parties.

The original story published by Al Jazeera featured a “testimony” by Jamila Al-Hessi, a Gazan woman who claimed that while she was under siege in the area of the hospital complex, she witnessed IDF soldiers “raping women then killing them and burning entire families alive.”
The Jerusalem Post

In an almost comical twist, this blood libel soon backfired spectacularly.

Palestinians, who until then had not moved to the South, were so spooked by the false claims that they began relocating en masse. This exodus inadvertently undermined Hamas's strategy of deliberately keeping the civilian population in the area to use them as human shields. The situation reached a point of absurdity when even Hamas had to admit that the entire story was a complete fabrication.

However, for almost 24 hours, this story was widely shared on social media, causing significant reputation damage to Israel. This case also highlighted the enormous hypocrisy of Hamas supporters, who are willing to parrot baseless claims about the IDF's actions but refuse to acknowledge the Israeli victims of Hamas on the 7th of October.

A notable example would be Owen Jones, who, after viewing the 47-minute footage released by the IDF, stated that we cannot know for sure if acts of rape occurred, as footage of the actual acts of rape didn't make the cut.

For everyone baffled by how prominent outlets can draw a moral equivalency between Hamas and the IDF, it's worth noting that Owen Jones works at The Guardian.

Sexual violence

As we will see, it is undisputed that Hamas used sexual violence as a weapon on October 7th.

Those deplorable crimes were not only used sporadically but were systematic, indicating a deliberate strategy rather than isolated incidents.

In the face of widespread denialism addressing this issue is crucial, especially since most victims can no longer speak for themselves.

Ori Ansbacher

Hearing the argument that Hamas would never commit such acts due to their religious beliefs is particularly absurd to me, especially in light of the evidence already presented on this website alone regarding other atrocities Hamas has committed, all of which starkly contradict Islamic principles. Moreover, this is not the first instance of Hamas being involved in sexual violence, where the victim was also murdered.

On February 7, 2019, 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher was raped and murdered by Arafat Irafaiya, a known Hamas affiliated Palestinian terrorist that had already spent time in Israeli prison.

Irfaiya, from Hebron, attacked Ansbacher in the woods, where he raped and stabbed her. He admitted to the crime, stating it was motivated by a desire to "kill a Jew." His involvement was further confirmed by DNA evidence.

He recounted stabbing her three times and dragging her as she struggled to get away, stabbing her again and gagging her with her scarf before binding her hands and raping her.

"There is no forensic evidence"

A claim that has been repeatedly made and falsely conflated with the facts that many pieces of evidence were lost due to the sheer scale of casualties and the prioritization of identifying the deceased to provide closure to their families over building criminal cases.

However, this couldn't be further from the truth; forensic evidence of rape was collected and provided to the UN as early as November, just a month after the attack.

Israeli diplomat Sarah Weiss Maudi, who has served as the vice chair of the UN Legal Committee, has also said that Israel has submitted to the UN unequivocal evidence of rape incidents, including gang rape and traces of semen found in bodies of young Israeli women who were murdered.

The irony of this information coming from Haaretz is not lost on me. Deniers of the October 7th atrocities have, for months now, ignored this specific piece of information, all the while engaging in a cynical, shameless attempt to exploit Haaretz. They have repeatedly taken quotes out of context or even fabricated them completely, to lend legitimacy to conspiracy theories.

Haaretz has published multiple articles denouncing this cynical attempt to exploit its name to spread falsehoods.

Haaretz has reported on two instances where sources told reporters that in the midst of the massacres, IDF forces firing at Hamas terrorists may have also hit, not confirmed killed, some civilians. Malign actors have exploited this reporting, published with no context, to purposefully decontextualize it and falsely claim that Haaretz corroborated the false theory that the IDF committed mass killings of its own people.


Individuals who witnessed and testified to the police about their accounts have provided harrowing details of unimaginable acts of violence during the Hamas attack, including instances of rape, gang rape, and genital mutilation.

While one terrorist raped her, she said, another pulled out a box cutter and sliced off her breast. “One continues to rape her, and the other throws her breast to someone else, and they play with it, throw it, and it falls on the road,” Sapir said.
New York Times

There are countless of such horrific accounts that are not captured on video. For example, consider the testimony of Yoni Saadon:

After an hour, he peeked out. “I saw this beautiful woman with the face of an angel and eight or ten of the fighters beating and raping her. She was screaming, ‘Stop it — already I’m going to die anyway from what you are doing, just kill me!’ When they finished they were laughing and the last one shot her in the head.
The Sunday Times

The accounts describe a consistent pattern: terrorists capture the victim, subject her to torture and rape, before ultimately ending her life with a single bullet to the head.

Sadly, individuals who have spoken out publicly about what they witnessed are now facing threats of violence and a barrage of slurs from Hamas supporters online. This includes Raz Cohen, who tragically lost his girlfriend Maya in the brutal Hamas attack.

I've received endless antisemitic comments. Many messages on Instagram and calls from abroad in which people called me a liar.
World Israel News

They already admitted to everything

When terrorists openly confess to atrocities such as beheadings and rape, with corroborating video evidence for the former, it's only rational to take their admissions seriously across the board. Skepticism towards their rape confessions, in the face of clear proof of their capacity for such severe acts, is fundamentally illogical. This skepticism often arises from a reluctance to fully recognize the extent of brutality certain groups are capable of, perhaps due to political biases or a discomfort in acknowledging that organizations like Hamas are not merely freedom fighters but extremist terrorist entities akin to ISIS.

Rescuers accounts

Following the terror attack, volunteer rescuers have reported numerous instances where women were found dead, with their bodies either partially clothed or entirely unclothed.

In the vicinity of the Nova Festival, many women were found deceased and naked, with some bound to trees.

Sometimes, it becomes clear that the terrorists have employed sexual assault as a weapon of humiliation. This is evidenced by the discovery of a couple, found naked and embracing, who had been fatally shot.

The scene painfully illustrates the horror of having to witness one's loved one in a state of helplessness, with the complete inability to offer any form of assistance.

This pattern was not confined to the Nova Festival area. Noam Mark provided testimony to the police, including a video he recorded upon arriving at a scene where three women were discovered in a single house at a kibbutz; two of them were tied up and naked, with clear evidence of sexual assault.

The eyes that saw it all

Probably the most emotionally affected witnesses are the members of ZAKA and United Hatzalah who were tasked with collecting bodies from the scenes of horror left by Hamas.

These brave individuals have been subjected to unimaginable sights: missing limbs, missing heads, and bodies mutilated beyond recognition. They have been forced to witness the aftermath of the most heinous acts of violence imaginable.

Scenes of sexual violence, including women with objects lodged in their intimate areas, naked bodies with extreme signs of torture, and other atrocities, have left a lasting impact on these volunteers.

Many of them have been since experience PTSD symptoms, such as nightmares, flashbacks, and intrusive thoughts.

Family members have approached the organization, like the wife of a volunteer who complained that her husband screams at night, is unfocused, and short-tempered. Another volunteer's mother said her son is becoming reclusive, wakes up only in the afternoon and does not get out of bed. There are also reports of concerning health deterioration, such as heart issues, symptoms of depression, and decreased functioning.
The Jerusalem Post

They announced their intentions

In the first video we can hear صبية - Sabiya being shouted multiple times in reference to the young girl.

صبايا - Sabaya, the plural form of Sabiya, has been used by ISIS to refer to women and girls they captured and forced into sexual slavery.

Arabic-speaking attendees of the Nova Festival have overheard terrorists debate whether to kidnap women for sexual slavery or to simply kill them. In these discussions, there have also been explicit requests to find a woman to rape.

The crime scenes

The pattern of finding many victims in bedrooms and bathrooms, away from the relative safety of the designated safe rooms where they initially hid, clearly indicates a calculated tactic by Hamas.

Forcibly leading victims into the most private and vulnerable spaces of their homes was a deliberate act of psychological torture aimed to degrade and humiliate them before their murder. This strategy not only strips the victims of their dignity but also instills a deep sense of helplessness, reinforcing the total control exerted by their captors.

The use of sexual assault as a weapon is designed to inflict the same psychological trauma, reinforcing the victims' helplessness under the hands of their captors. This tactic is underscored by the condition in which many victims were found, partly clothed or completely naked.

Torn clothes

Numerous videos and photos captured by Zaka, first responders, and Hamas themselves depict women with their clothing removed or heavely damaged. In several instances, the victims' clothing is specifically torn at the chest or the crotch, sometimes accompanied by bleeding from the genital area.

This consistent pattern found in every single area affected by the October 7 attack, underscores a deliberate use of sexual abuse.

The woman in the black dress

Gal Abdush, a mother of two, attended the Nova Festival with her husband. Her body was found lying on her back, her dress torn and underwear removed, leaving the bottom half of her body completely exposed. Her face was unrecognizable after being burned.

While her family's accounts about her last signs of life add more questions than they answer, the hard truth is that nobody knows what happened to Gal Abdush in her last moments or why she was found in such a state. As with many victims, Gal Abdush cannot share her story; we are left to watch the footage and speculate.

The position in which her body was discovered, with her face shielded by her hand and her legs spread open, might indicate rape or even suggest necrophilia.

"It seems to me, and I really hope I'm wrong,” said Zvika Alter, a brother-in-law, in early December, “that she was raped."
New York Times

The scope will never be known

Alina Palhati, a vibrant soul with dreams as colorful as the festivals she adored, attended the Nova music festival in Re'im. When her family lost all means of communication with her, fears quickly surfaced that she had been kidnapped.

For several days, her family clung to the hope that she might still be found alive. This hope was dashed tragically when she was identified among a pile of charred bodies.

Just as the details of Gal Abdush's final moments are shrouded in mystery, so too are those of Alina Palhati. Their tragic deaths are echoed in the fate of many others found at military bases, kibbutzim, and the Nova music festival. In these places, numerous bodies were discovered completely charred, obscuring any chance to understand their last moments or to collect forensic evidence, especially concerning sexual violence.

In one video, we see this strategy in action, a half-naked woman, shot in the head, lying motionless on the ground. This is followed by the deliberate burning of a young woman's corpse.

In another, we see the body of a murdered party-goer burning, the area around her corpse still drenched with the incendiary substance the terrorists used to set her ablaze.

The act of burning their bodies after murder not only heightens the atrocity but also obscures the full extent of their suffering, including potential crimes like rape and sexual abuse. This deliberate destruction of physical evidence creates a significant gap in comprehending the severity of the cruelty they endured prior to their deaths.

The girls taken into Gaza

One of the most well-known videos of the October 7th attack is the footage showing Naama Levy being forcefully led out of the back of a truck and into the backseat, her face bloodied and bruised, her Achilles tendon sliced, with clear signs of sexual abuse.

Like the other girls shown in the videos, Naama was not a combat soldier but an observant tasked with monitoring border cameras and raising alarms for suspicious activities. They were unarmed and posed no threat. Despite this, Hamas executed most of them and subjected the survivors to severe brutality, as evidenced by their bloodied appearances.

The survivors, all young women, were forced to line up beside the bodies of their deceased friends.

Subsequent footage suggests that they were subjected to sexual assualt following this lineup, with specific evidence pointing to Naama Levy and Agam Berger, who exhibited injuries consistent with sexual assault, evidenced by bleeding from the genital area.

Released Hostages

After seeing the footage of what happened to Naama Levy and Agam Berger, which already indicates sexual violence, we received further confirmation from released hostages about the sexual violence they endured at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

Released hostages testified that women were forced to wear revealing clothes to appease their captors and were coerced into performing sexual acts at gunpoint.

The fact that all of the girls still in captivity are in their late teens and early adulthood adds to the evidence of their continued abuse. The failure to release them in the previous hostage-for-prisoner exchange strongly suggests to anyone observing the situation that Hamas is deliberately holding them back out of fear of what they might disclose about their captivity.

There are girls in captivity who haven't had their periods in a long time, and maybe that's what we should pray for, that their bodies will protect them and they won't get pregnant from rape
Chen Goldstein-Almog, I24 News

This comes despite desperate claims by propaganda outlets such as Middle East Eye/Monitor and Al Jazeera, which cynically exploit the suffering of hostages through selective editing of interviews to portray their captors as anything other than downright evil.

In line with this, the Middle East Eye selectively edited the SAME interview where Agam and Chen Goldstein-Almog recounted their encounters with women who had been raped in captivity, in an effort to misleadingly present their terrorist captors in a humane light.


Amit Soussana's ordeal began with a violent abduction from her home by a group of terrorists, who beat her before dragging her into Gaza. This marked the start of a 55-day captivity filled with unimaginable horrors.

Throughout this time, she was subjected to brutal treatment; she was chained by her ankle, which served not only to restrict her movements but also to continually remind her of her captivity.

Her torture was both physical and psychological, including instances where she was suspended in the air and tortured for 45 minutes, just for the amusement of her captors. The guard responsible for her, who told her his name was Muhammad, sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.

“He came towards me and shoved the gun at my forehead,” Ms. Soussana recalled during eight hours of interviews with The New York Times in mid-March. After hitting Ms. Soussana and forcing her to remove her towel, Muhammad groped her, sat her on the edge of the bathtub and hit her again, she said. He dragged her at gunpoint back to the child’s bedroom, a room covered in images of the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants she recalled. “Then he, with the gun pointed at me, forced me to commit a sexual act on him,” Ms. Soussana said.
New York Times

Footage of clear sexual violence

The individuals who bore witness to the unspeakable horrors that the deceased can no longer testify about were the first responders and Zaka volunteers. Due to the respect for the privacy of the deceased from a religious standpoint, they are prohibited from capturing or sharing footage of the deceased.

Despite this, some footage has leaked, showing the following scenarios:

  • A naked woman's body found gagged and brutalized in her house.
  • A women discovered with her pants pulled down, genitals exposed, most of her body burnt beyond recognition, it is appreant she died in great agony.
  • A naked woman, her legs bound with metal wires to a mattress, a sharp object lodged in her crotch.
    "We approach the corner of the room, there is a pile of debris from the ceiling and tiles, and slowly begin to reveal, The body of a woman, naked, with a sharp object stuck in her crotch."
    Zaka Major Haim Otmazgin
  • A naked woman with her mouth gagged, half of her body exposed amidst the rubble of her destroyed home.
    "Another witness describes, among the houses we found a body, from the ruins we only saw the head and neck. The mouth was tied with some kind of cloth, we understood that the body was naked."
    Police Commander Shelly Harush